The production of the ECO Piping profiled pipes is designed to meet the requirement of the present local governmental norms and standards. Quality and efficiency are aims, which have been realized.

A great variety of pipes type can be produced, various properties and advantages are described below. In case of huge projects in large pipe sizes a pipe production on the job site is possible. Its mobility is one of the biggest advantages of ECO Piping production lines.



If requested all “ECO HDPE” profiled pipes can be delivered either with a bright, inspection friendly or an electro-conductive inner surface made by the co-extrusion process. This method ensures an inspection friendly, bright inner surface and at the same time a long term UV-resistant outer surface. A pipe production out of grey material cannot fulfil these important properties.


The Advantages of Co-Extrusion:

  • Safe and field proven pipe system. 
  • Safe and easy connection technique (Electro-fusion welding system). 
  • Good chemical resistant (material polyethylene). 
  • High mechanical resistance (abrasion and impact resistant, secure against fracture).
  • Good Hydraulics (smooth inner surface).
  • Flexibility (secure against fracture even in case of earth movement).
  • Easy to handle (low weight, easy processing, quick assembly).
  • High temperature resistant (-40oC to +80oC). 
  • Lifetime over 100 years. 
  • Resistant to rodents.  
  • Inspection friendly due to light inner surface. 
  • Earthquake proven. 
  • UV-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly. 
  • Material can be recycled to 100%.