Job Site Handling and Receiving:

Receiving Recommendations

Our distributors and customer service personnel make service and customer satisfaction their highest priority. If your order is incorrect, contact our customer service personnel.

  • Direct driver to a smooth, flat area, free of rocks and debris.
  • Examine load quantities and quality immediately after unloading. Inspect pipe carefully for possible damage from transportation or unloading.
  • Note damaged or missing items on delivery receipt.
  • Shortages and damaged material are not automatically reshipped. Reorder replacement material.
  • Do not dispose of damaged items. Check with driver for proper return method. If driver is unsure, contact our customer service personnel.


Handling Recommendations

To avoid damage to the pipe the following handling recommendations should be followed:

  • OSHA safety requirements.
  • Do not drop pipe.
  • 450mm (18”) and smaller pipe can be moved by hand. Larger pipe requires a backhoe with a nylon sling.
  • Lift 900mm (36”) and larger diameter pipe with a sling at two points, spaced approximately (3m) apart. Smaller diameters can use one lift point.  (Refer to Table for recommended handling methods)
  • Contractor assistance is required to unload palletized pipe.
  • Do not use a loading boom or forklift directly on or inside pipe.