Ever since the history of civilization is faced with the unreliable infrastructure system within their collective resettlement areas. The historical process of evolution of the human kind up to the contemporary era has marked various infrastructure systems that have corresponded to a technological development specific to that era. However, tremendous difficulties were observed in selection of the material construction, which was sought to provide anticipated permanent solutions for the system utilized. This had eventually given an impetus for further research and investigations.

The discovery of plastics, which was considered as the biggest invention in the 20th century, together with further development achieved in the plastic technology has resulted with a comprehensive solution of contemporary societies’ problems faced in this field, by providing excellent material specifications.

The fact that the processing of the plastic is very easy and the plastic materials provide the superior properties against adverse effect of the ambient and the chemicals; the use of plastics has been eventually spread over many fields of applications, including durable goods. To this effect, the researchers have considered the ways to make use of the plastics as the materials for the infrastructure system that inherently require great deal of investments.

There have been huge technical difficulties encountered in manufacturing of the pipes especially with bigger diameters in conformity with the requirements of infrastructure systems and no satisfactory solution had been established until recently.

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